Monday, February 20, 2012

Why everyone needs a Molly...

Molly has been with Vicki since the Christmas before she turned 5.  And she (Molly) has had all sorts of procedures while Vicki had them.

Admittedly, an American Girl Doll is an expensive gift for a 5 year old, but I'm glad that my entire family pitched in to get Vicki the doll and a ton of clothes and accessories.  Molly has gone into surgery with Vicki, she has gotten IVs, bandages, and for a while even had a drawn on scar that matched Vicki's.  Molly has had breathing treatments, EKGs  and had been the recipient of hundreds of blood draws.

All of this made it easier for a child to go thru all the rig a ma roll of the hospital and cardiologist visits.  To this day Vicki get anxious when we drive near the OCH, and I'll probably never get her to go to an appointment there by herself.  But Molly is Vicki's rock.

So when your child starts clinging to a toy, blanket or whatever.  If its possible to let him/her have it during doctor's appointments or hospital visits LET THEM.

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